The heartbeat of Sistahood is to see every woman empowered and inspired to reach their full potential by finding strength in Jesus and each other. We are stronger together! And that can be found when women gather, make heart connections, cheer each other on in their God pursuits and choose to extend themselves to support and care for those in their world that need a helping hand.

Ecclesiastes 4:12 puts it so beautifully “By yourself you’re unprotected, with a friend you can face the worst, can you round up a third? A three-stranded rope isn’t easily snapped.”

Sistahood Nights




Sistahood Workshops from 6:45pm

Healthy Living by Indi - Understanding your hormones, so you have more energy and feel your best.

Makeup tips by Yvonne & Miti - The perfect workshop for the 'everyday' girl. Our makeup artists will give you some basic tips and 'how-to's' including what's currently on trend.                                                                                        

Christmas gift & table decor ideas by Tracey - Christmas inspiration, simple tips on festive decorating, wrapping and gift ideas all 'wrapped up' into one workshop.                                                                                                    

The main event from 7:30pm with our guest speaker Dr Cris Beer. 

Dr Cris Beer is an integrative medical doctor, author & speaker. She specialises in lifestyle medicine and has a particular interest in women’s health.  She is also one of the health consultants for ‘The Australian Biggest Loser’ retreat. Dr Cris will be joining us to bring insight into this year’s Sistahood theme of ‘Stronger Together’ from a Biblical & scientific perspective.  This will also include a time of Q&A for you to ask all those “women’s health” questions you want answered. Dessert to follow after main event.                                                                                                           


Sistahood Nights are our opportunity to gather as a company of women. These nights focus on specific themes that add value to our womanhood, packaged with many extras that create the memorable Sistahood experience that so many love.

Included in these nights we have created a space for Miss Sistahood. If you’re between the ages of 13-18 this is a great place to hang out with your girls.

Sistahood Night for 2018:

Monday 12 November


Sistas stick together. As women, we are blessed with the ability to inspire, strengthen and share our lives with each other in a more personal way.

There are a variety of mid-week Groups that meet on a regular basis throughout Auckland – everything from fabulous Groups for High schoolers, playgroups for young mums, to coffee Groups for those in their “seasoned” years.

For more information about Groups that take place in your Region, please contact


Love is a verb, and just as God lavishes His love on us, we in turn should be extravagant in loving others. We love hearing your stories of Sistahood women gathering together, uniting your resources and helping others in need.

Whether it's cooking a meal for someone, visiting rest homes for the elderly, uniting our resources to help others in need or simply looking out for a friend, we are called to love not just with word, but also with actions and truth.

Every Sistahood event we bring something practical to help other Sistas who are in need in our community and your kindness and generosity goes beyond all boarders as we help change people's lives through showing the practical love of Jesus. A huge thank you to everyone who have been involved in Love in Action over the past few years.

For our November Sistahood Night event, we would like to invite you to join us in supporting The Shine programme. The Shine programme is a 7 week values-based course run in high schools by volunteer teams.  It’s designed to equip young women to develop an understanding of her own personal worth, strength and potential to fulfil her dreams. Each week of the programme, a ‘Shine Factor’ is gifted to participants, as a tangible way of highlighting a key learning from the session. We invite you to support the Shine programmes by bringing along a new hand cream or nail care products. For more details, please contact:


Wholeheartedly in pursuit of our God, we love to delve into the wellspring of God's Word with specific bible studies. Regardless of what your day-to-day looks like, our Sistahood Study Groups actively encourage and guide you into understanding God's Word, providing you with strong and relevant foundations to flourish as a modern-day woman.

Sistahood Bible Studies are taking place all over the city of Auckland. For more info on a study that is happening in your Region, please contact your Regional Pastor, or send us an email to

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