Together, We Are Sistahood

We are not called to live this life on our own.

Sistahood is about bringing the women and girls of LIFE together. Whether it’s for our two night events a year, or a mid-week Group, it’s about the generations coming together.

Together we are stronger; our influence is greater and our need for heart connection is met.

This year, we're joining together to look at how we can be living out this journey in the most passionate and God - filled way possible.

Let's make 2017 a year where we cheer each other on in our God - pursuits, support each other in our everyday ups and downs and are always looking to welcome one more to share this journey with us.

Sistahood Nights


Save the date for our next Sistahood Nights event taking place in 2018!

Together, We Are...


Throughout the year we meet as a collective of women for Sistahood Nights where we let all other distractions go and just have time with the girls. These nights focus on specific input and time in God's presence. They're great evenings to invite those who don't usually attend church.

Every night involves collectively doing something so that we can be Love in Action to our city. This year, we have prepared Sistahood Nights for all generations of women to gather together, where our stories which help define who we are, will set a platform for the way we shape our world.

Together, We Are...


Sistas stick together. As women, we are blessed with the ability to inspire, strengthen and share our lives with each other  in a very unique way.

Through Regional Sistahood Groups, we spark, nurture and grow real relationships with other sistas.

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Together, We Are...


Love is a verb, and just as God lavishes His love on us, we in turn should be extravagant in loving other.

Whether it's cooking a meal for someone, visiting rest homes for the elderly, uniting our resources to help others in need or simply looking out for a friend, we are called to love not just with word, but also with actions and truth.

Every Sistahood event we bring something practical to help other Sistas who are in need in our community and your kindness and generosity goes beyond all boarders as we help change people's lives through showing the practical love of Jesus.

A huge thank you to everyone who have been involved in Love in Action over the past few years.  Here’s what we have achieved together!

6000 Singlets have been donated to ‘Kids First’ at Middlemore Hospital to help reduce the number of kids re-admitted to hospital with preventable illnesses.

1042 PJ’s were donated in our annual ‘Jammies in June’ campaign to educate and help prevent winter illnesses in children released from hospital.


250 pairs of underwear were given to Middlemore hospital for emergency care.


Many Sistahood Groups have baked thousands of cookies to bless those who give so much, expecting nothing in return, such as school teachers and the police.


Together, We Are...


Wholeheartedly in pursuit of our God, we love to delve into the wellspring of God's Word with specific bible studies.

Regardless of what your day-to-day looks like, our Sistahood Study Groups actively encourage and guide you into understanding God's Word, providing you with strong and relevant foundations to flourish as a modern-day woman.

Sistahood Bible Studies are taking place all over the city of Auckland. For more info on a study that is happening in your Region, please contact your Regional Pastor, or send us an email to

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