Endless Possibilities In Christ

Epic – Endless Possibilities In Christ – is all about making an impact on our rising generation.

Epic focuses on showing youth the reality of Jesus Christ, and encourages them to live their lives to the full!  We beleive that epic is a place where high schoolers can belong. With pumping music, DJs, empowering messages to challenge and grow you, skate ramps, sports, games, comps, giveaways, tribal wars, new friends, connect groups, and sick events like Summercamp, Epic Presents, LIFE Conference, Miss Sistas and Man Conf. Where else would you rather be on a Friday night?!

A night for high schoolers aged 13-18 years, epic is a non-smoking, alcohol-free and drug-free event that happens every week.

WHERE does this happen?! The first Friday of each month we have our Epic Presents service, an outreach service focused on seeing young people come to church for the first time and encounter God. It's held at LIFE Central, 95 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden from 6:45pm to 9pm with bus transport running from various locations.

WHAT about the other Fridays of the month?! Well, epic happens every other Friday of the month in our LIFE Campuses from 6:45pm - 9pm. With great hangtimes, sports, pumping music, comps and games, along with praise & worship, an inspiring message and great connect group time.

North: 25 Arrenway Drive, Albany
Central: 95 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden
South: 3 Lakewood Court, Manukau 

Summercamp 18 - Endless Love

Double In A Day Promo - June 2017

Epic All In - May Highlights

Summercamp 2017 Highlights

epic: this is who we are

Summercamp 2k16 Highlights: Rise+Shine

EPIC EP Promo Vid

Ascend XVI promo

DIAD Feb 16 Promo

EMP 2k15 Highlights - Extended Cut


Summercamp Promo

Double In A Day Highlights - Feb 2015

Double In A Day - 27th Feb 2015

Parakai Pools - Highlights 2015

Summercamp 2015 Highlights

EMP Highlights


Hey Parents!

Welcome to epic youth!

Thanks for stopping by our page to see what's going on in the life of our young people. We value your time as parents and caregivers of our amazing young people so much.


Hey parents/caregivers, 

Thanks for visiting our epic site to see what' s going on at youth.

Term 3 is underway and we have already had such an amazing year at Epic. Our heart is to see young people experience God for themselves, make a decision to follow Him and start to walk in the purpose God has set out for them.

Our EPIC Presents nights have been a huge success which happen on the first Friday of each month and are tailored to our Epicers bring friends that have never come to church before. The service has a massive outreach focus, so as a parent/caregiver, it’s a great conversation topic to be asking them who they are bringing.

Our EPIC campus nights have been going off each week! We love that every Friday night our young people get to come into an environment where they are invested into and discipled by our leadership team. We've seen our core youth grow in numbers and capacity as they have had more opportunity to serve on a Friday night. How awesome is it that as a church, we are giving our teenagers opportunities to lead and serve their peers!

In 2017 we have established a Youth Campus Pastor in each location to oversee both the Fuse & Epic ages groups. We have Josh Graveson at LIFE North, Dan Ackermann at LIFE Central and Tashinga Chanyau at LIFE South, and along with amazing campus youth teams we hope to develop our world class youth ministry more than ever with testimony after testimony of how many lives are being changed with the reality of Jesus.

We've stripped back many events this year so we can focus on getting our youth to LIFE Conference, Sistas & Man Conf. and have special prices for our youth to make it as cheap as possible. We want young people to be apart of the bigger picture and bigger God environments. We believe this is a strategic move to see MORE of what God has for us in epic and for our youth to have a significant presence in the wider church.

Thank you for praying for us as we continue to create an environment where this generation of young people can encounter Christ, find a place to belong and step into their God given purpose.

Epic Youth


Our team is passionate about young people, and we are focused and commited on building a youth ministry where young people find a place to belong.
We also have over 70 youth leaders plus volunteers that give up many hours and days to invest into the epicers. Running the Friday night service with connect groups and connecting on Sundays. 

We are always on the look-out for new youth leaders and volunteers. And this year we are looking to build parent teams to help us with Friday night security and assisting at our Bus pickups and dropoffs at our campus' and beyond.  If you're keen to check out what we do, or jump on team, just let us know by email epic@lifenz.org.

*Our Child Protection Policies and our Health and Safety Policies have been updated and implimented as New Zealand law has changed on the 4th of April 2016. We've rolled out parental permission slips for catching our transport which we hopes helps insure a great safe environment for all our young people. We're currently developing Epic ID cards (similar to school ones) to help this process for our youth. And a reminder that $2 for the bus is a must to align our policies. We've kept this as cheap as we can, not running at a profit, because we wont want anyone to miss out (:

Josh & Chelsea Graveson - North Campus Youth Pastor
Dan & Claire Ackermann - Central Campus Youth Pastor
Tashinga & Jo Chanyau - South Campus Youth Pastor 


Epic runs chartered buses to and from our services every Friday night. Your child must be picked up upon the return of the bus and we must have a "parent permission slip" returned for your child to ride on our transport services as per our child safety policy.
Cost: $2

First Friday of the month bus times for ALL IN services:

Pakuranga - McDonalds/Z Station 6:00pm

Manukau - LIFE South (3 Lakewood Court) 6:00pm
Mangere – Sir Douglas Bader Intermediate 6:15pm
Royal Oak - Royal Oak Intermidiate 6:30pm
Alfriston - 143 Alfriston Road (Outside Alfriston College) 5:45pm

Orewa - HBC Youth Centre 6:00pm
Albany - McDonalds Constellation Drive 6:15pm

Massey - BK Massey (opposite the cinemas) 6:00pm
West - Te Atatu Wendy’s 6:15pm

All buses depart LIFE Central between 9pm and 9:15pm

For all epic sevices in LIFE Campuses on remaining Fridays of the month:

LIFE North: (All buses depart LIFE North between 9pm and 9:15pm)
Orewa - HBC Youth Centre 6:15pm
Massey - BK Massey (opposite the cinemas) 6:15pm

LIFE Central: (Bus departs LIFE Central between 9pm and 9:15pm)
Pakuranga - McDonalds/Z Station 6:00pm

LIFE South: (All buses depart LIFE South between 9pm and 9:15pm)
Royal Oak - Royal Oak Intermidiate 5:45pm
Mangere – Sir Douglas Bader Intermediate 6:00pm

At LIFE we follow NZ law and have a child protection policy and safe practice policy in place. As a result of these policies, we require all youth who wish to use our bus services to have completed a LIFE permission slip signed by their parent or guardian. This permission can be found below. Please complete the permission form and we will be in touch. Thank you so much for your cooperation and helping us provide a safer environment for our young people.

Transport Consent Form