Who are LOUD Young Adults?

There's no point doing life alone. That's why we're a community of young adults who think bigger than ourselves.

We’re the students, the Yo pros, those crazy dancers, and that fearless dreamer, all walking different roads but in the same direction. We don’t have it all together, so you don’t have to either. We know there’s more to life than the here and now, but we’re still determined to make the most of it. Whether it’s once a month “All In’ or the everyday that we’re living life all in, we are a community, a movement, a generation.


Ps Ollie Nelson

We all need to know that we are part of something bigger, a family that has our backs.

That’s LOUD Young Adults. We’re not perfect people, just mere humans who are discovering a relationship with Jesus and doing it together. In a time in our lives when it’s tempting to slip in the back row, get lost in a crowd, and get overwhelmed by a world full of ideas, we need community and family. Along with Sunday we have amazing connect groups, a once a month ‘All In’ service just for young adults and so much more. We believe that church doesn’t mean a “Sunday service” but “family”.

Coming Up

This is the summer highlight that you'll be talking about for the whole the year

23-25 MARCH

YA Retreat

Worship, the word and waves at everyone's favourite sun-drenched spot - Mount Maunganui.

Rally together your connect group, book a bach and build your expectations. This weekend will be one that you can bring your friends to, so extend the invite!

Below is all the basic information you need to know to get to Retreat. More will be revealed when you arrive. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please email youngadults@lifenz.org
Where is it? 
Mount Sports Centre, 484 Maunganui Rd, Mt Maunganui, Tauranga 3116

When is it?
Thursday 23 March 8pm - Saturday 25 March 9pm

How do I register?
Online registrations have now closed, but you can still register onsite when you arrive at retreat!

Where do I stay?
All of our Young Adults Groups will be booking baches across the Mount, we will also have (some) cheap as accomodation available. Get in touch with your Group leader to find out more, or if you aren't in a Group, email us at youngadults@lifenz.org and we will hook you up with a rad crew.

Will there be food available?
We will supply morning tea on Friday and Saturday morning, but the rest of the time you look after yourself. There are loads of great cafés, Macca’s, fish 'n' chips and bakeries around.

Connect Groups

At the heart of LOUD are our Connect Groups – a group of people to do life with.

Our small groups meet weekly in flats or homes across Auckland. Connect Groups are all about family and growing our relationship with God. We hang out, celebrate, support and grow together. We have groups Auckland-wide and something for every age and stage of the Young Adults season. Check out this link and have a look at some of our awesome CG profiles. Then, it’s simply a matter of joining in.

LOUD Campus Leaders

LOUD Young Adults is across all of LIFE’s campuses in Auckland and are actively involved in Sunday church. Each campus has leaders and Campus Reps that rep the Young Adults Crew in LIFE.

LIFE Central - Amy & Zach


LIFE North - Jamie & Meredith  

LIFE South - Somer & Marty