Key Dates

3 days of Prayer and Fasting (nights)
WHERE: At your local campus
TIME: 7.30pm - 8.30pm
WHEN: North Campus on Mon 18th, South Campus on Tues 19th and Central Campus on Wed 20th, in February 2019.

Weekly Prayer Meetings
TIME: 7am - 7.45am 
WHEN: Weekly on a Wednesday morning (apart from 6 Feb, 13 Feb, LIFE Conference & Sistas Conference weeks)

TIME: 7am - 7.45am 
WHEN: Weekly on a Tuesday morning (apart from 12 Feb, LIFE Conference & Sistas weeks)

TIME: 7am - 7.45am
WHEN: Weekly on a Tuesday morning (apart from 12 Feb, LIFE Conference & Sistas weeks)

If you can’t join us at Central, South or North, why not set your alarm for the same time as the prayer meeting and join us in prayer from wherever you are. Together in prayer we can make a difference!

3 Days of Prayer and Fasting

Fasting is about setting aside time and allowing God to speak into your life, resulting in breakthrough, wisdom, direction and closeness to God.

In the book of Daniel 1:12-17 (Amplified version) we read the account of Daniel and fasting, and how, as a result, (vs 17) ‘God gave them knowledge and skill in all kinds of literature and wisdom; Daniel also understood all kinds of visions and dreams.’

Surpassing natural, pressing into, and drawing from, the supernatural.

If for any reason you’re unable to take part in a fast from food, we’d still love for you to find some other way to take part; again please chat with your Pastors if need any advice around this.

However you choose to be a part of our 3 days of prayer & fasting we know you’ll be blessed, feel closer to God, and enjoy seeking Him for the season ahead.

In previous years we have done the 21 day Daniel Fast, this year as you know we are focusing on a 3 day fast, three times during the year. In NZ & Aus the next fast will start Monday 18 Febrauary - Wed 20 February 2019. During these 3 days we will also be opening each Campus on different nights for a powerful time of corporate prayer from 7.30 – 8.30PM. North on the 18th, South on the 19th and Central on the 20th of February. Melbourne will be open all 3 nights for worship & prayer.

We really want to encourage everyone to join together as a team and be a part of this time of prayer and fasting and seeking God for our own lives personally and also for the future God has for us as a Church. 


- One being a full fast with water only
- Second being the Daniel Fast which is fruit, vegetables, nuts and grains 
- Third would be to fast something that would allow you to draw closer to God

There’s some great material available here - or you can talk with your Campus or Regional Pastors. 

>> Click here for tips and guidelines

Believing with you

We believe in a God who hears our prayers and is able to intervene on our behalf. If you need prayer, contact our team with your prayer request.

Click HERE to send us your request.

In all our LIFE Campus foyers we have prayer request cards with a dropbox that you can fill out and our team will commit to praying for them over the following week, and if you have a praise report we'd love to hear that too!