Maree and I are so thankful for all that God has done through the life of our four Campuses over the past 15 months. There is no doubt that our church is in exciting days as we all embrace our 20/20 vision with all God has positioned in front of us.

Our mission continues: to impact and change our generation with the reality of Jesus. We believe there is a call from heaven for all of us to become part of building a God-centred LEGACY for generations to follow. Our heart this year is to see every person at LIFE gain an understanding of their God-design and then find fulfilment outworking that through Church, Community, Business and Kingdom.

We are thankful that through H4 last year so many people were Moved, discovering the joy and purpose that comes from being Marked and Missioned. Thank you for playing your part in so many God-sized miracles during this last season. 

In order to capture more clearly and align our hearts with our given 20/20 vision, our annual offering will now become:
Legacy Offering 20/20, Seeding - Tomorrow - Today.

We pray that during this month you are truly blessed by a deeper revelation of what God has placed in your heart. Our prayer is that we all stay open and allow God to speak to us, about what collectively we will sow towards our 20/20 vision and what legacy we will create for future generations.

- Love Paul and Maree

Legacy Message Week 1

Legacy Message Week 2

Legacy Message Week 3


Our LIFE Central Campus has been located at 95 Mt Eden Rd for the past 17 years, and we are in exciting times as the new Central Campus build is underway at 25 Normandy Rd, Mt Eden. As we head towards 2020 we beleive this facility, along with all our LIFE Campuses, will continue to impact and change our generation with the relaity of Jesus, and allow us to leave a Legacy for the generations to come! 

To find out more about our new Central Campus click HERE.

Take a look at the fly-through of the new Central Campus.




Mon 25 Sept / Tues 26 Sept / Wed 27 Sept

WHERE: At your local campus
TIME: 7.30pm - 8.30pm
WHEN: North Campus on Mon 25th, South Campus on Tues 26th and Central Campus on Wed 27th.


3 days of prayer & fasting

Fasting is about setting aside time and allowing God to speak into your life, resulting in breakthrough, wisdom, direction and closeness to God.

In the book of Daniel 1:12-17 (Amplified version) we read the account of Daniel and fasting, and how, as a result, (vs 17) ‘God gave them knowledge and skill in all kinds of literature and wisdom; Daniel also understood all kinds of visions and dreams.’

Surpassing natural, pressing into, and drawing from, the supernatural.

If for any reason you’re unable to take part in a fast from food, we’d still love for you to find some other way to take part; again please chat with your Pastors if need any advice around this.

However you choose to be a part of our 3 days of prayer & fasting we know you’ll be blessed, feel closer to God, and enjoy seeking Him for the season ahead.

In previous years we have done the 21 day Daniel Fast, this year as you know we are focusing on a 3 day fast, three times during the year. In NZ & Aus the next fast will start Mon 25th-Wed 27th September. During these 3 days we will also be opening each Campus on different nights for a powerful time of corporate prayer from 7.30 – 8.30PM. North on the 25th, South on the 26th and Central on the 27th of September. Melbourne will be open all 3 nights for worship & prayer.

We really want to encourage everyone to join together as a team and be a part of this time of prayer and fasting and seeking God for our own lives personally and also for the future God has for us as a Church.


- One being a full fast with water only
- Second being skipping a meal during the day
- Third being the Daniel Fast which is fruit, vegetables, nuts and grains 

There’s some great material available here - or you can talk with your Campus or Regional Pastors. 

>> Click here for tips and guidelines

Tell Us Your Story

At LIFE we love to hear the testimonies of what God has been doing in the lives of people in our church family.

Do you have a testimony of what God has been doing through your life since partnering with Legacy? If so, we'd LOVE to hear from you!!!!

You can email your testimony through to mylegacy@lifenz.org.


It's not too late to play your part!

There are Legacy envelopes available at the giving stations at all LIFE Campuses, or talk with the team at the information desk. Alternatively if you'd like to do your contributions online please click the link below.

To give online for Legacy please click HERE.