Creativity is a God-given tension which grows only when we are willing to embrace our uniqueness and passions. The creative team at LIFE is our conscious outworking of that principle. It is a place where we all can put our hands to the plow, bringing our ideas and differences to reflect the first and ultimate Creator. If you are passionate and willing to share who God is to you through sewing, painting, drawing, designing, styling, dancing, acting and other practical creative stuff, this team is for you! We are an integral part of LIFE's weekly services, conferences, events and presentations. Our desire is that anyone who loves and is passionate and skilled in any creative field would find their fit, imperfections and all, in this team of like-minded people.


The Production Team is responsible for eating more chocolate and drinking more caffeine enhanced energy drinks than any other team at Church. We are responsible for creating the technical platform for services, conferences and events through sound, lighting, live video, and visual media systems. Our team ranges from the well-seasoned technical gurus to those with creative eyes and ears - so don't be put off by the buttons, knobs, screens and flashing lights that can be found in our world. We break the perceived stereotype of production people with a calculator in their top pocket and who only talk in ones and zeros–we can't think of anyone on the team who does. So if you have got an eye for what colours go together, think you know what looks good through a lens, have an opinion on what sounds good or have been known to tinker successfully with your computer/car/lawnmower/household wiring/ipad/android, get in touch.


If you love Jesus, music and want a way to blend those two passions together then you'll probably find yourself at home in our team. We cover every service at LIFE from Sunday in each Campus, to epic on Friday nights and worship in LIFE Kids. We're at every conference and most events we run. We gather around our common passions and lay our gifts down to be used by God. Our desire for excellence is not perfection, but bringing our best, giving our best and being the best we can be.

How to Get Involved

If you're keen to join the team, get in touch!

Email us at

If you're brave enough post a video of you singing your favourite song on YouTube and send us the link. We'd love to hear you.